Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Test Centre For Technal

The new weather-performance test rig called Innovation & Test Centre opened in Toulouse (France) by Hydro for Technal.

 The technical centre is dedicated to research and development of technal products and is a full-scale test site for future building products. The building itself is highly sustainable. The 1600m2 building consumes only 45kWh/m² per year. It cost Technal 2.18m Euro.The facility  provides workshops for prototyping and assembly, testing laboratories, an electronics laboratory, showroom, equipment rooms, offices etc. Air, wind and water tests can be conducted for windows up to 4mX4m and curtain wall up to 6mX8m.There is also a facility  to carry out mechanical tests for strength and resistance.Wind resistance is tested to a positive and negative pressure of 5,000 Pascals, a wind speed of nearly 200 miles per hour (314km/h).

Technal's most popular  MX curtain wall system is used for the facade and sun shading  is facilitated by  Brise soleil sun shading fixed on it.Photovoltaic modules are integrated into the brise soleil. The modules form a total  of 34m2 surface area. It is expected to produce a total of 5,000 kW of electricity per  year.

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