Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buckingham Palace Goes Double Glazed

Surprising!. The  windows of Buckingham Palace is still single glazed. Old building. It is learned  that all single glazed windows are going to replace with double glazed windows. When the entire world including UK is exploring ways to save energy,   the queen's savings will be definitely queen size. It will reduce royal family's energy bills and improve its green credentials.

. When an average Briton  can save around 140 Pound per year from energy efficient windows of his modest home, how much she can  from a Palace having  775 rooms, including: 19 state rooms; 52 royal and guest bedrooms; 188 staff bedrooms; 92 offices; and 78 bathrooms.

Offcourse a lot more. The decision is definitely a wise one and it is a bit relief for the tax payer. Also double glazing won't impact on the palace’s historic fa├žade.

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