Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ventilated Facade Technology

Most claddings on modern buildings are ventilated type, projected out from wall ,mounted on a substructure.
 Why?. The cladding material could have fixed directly on the wall. The answer is the following advantages.
Ventilated facades are divided into modules and in prefabricated form. The modules are mounted on substructure already anchored to the building. The substructure keep away the facade element from wall leaving an air gap and a space for fixing insulation material. The air gap maintain a continuous circulation of air due to Stack Effect and the air drives away heat and moisture from the void between facade and building wall.  Air gap it self act as an insulation layer. From experience, chances of  cracks on ventilated facades are less and also detachment and peeling off. This is because of  the mechanical fixation. Mechanical fixation is easy and strong. Due to modularization maintenance is easy. Each module can  remove and repair. air circulation eliminate surface condensation and cold bridges.  Eco friendly since it saves energy with its additional insulation properties.

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